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2. Camp Leaders Interview

Where will my interview be?

Yours and our staff safety is our top priority, so this year, due to social distancing guidelines, all of our interviews are taking place online. 

How long will the interview last?

Your interview will take around 30 minutes, however, give yourself about 15 minutes extra, incase it goes over.

Why do I need an interview?

We interview everyone coming on our program to know that everyone’s doing it for the right reasons. It is our responsibility to our summer camps that you will be a good fit for camp and will be suitable to work in an environment with children. It is also part of the agreement we have with the US Department of State and their visa regulations.

Do I have to have a face-to-face video interview?

Yes, it's a great way for you to meet us but also for us to meet you. We like to also offer support and guidance with your application, the interview provides a great opportunity for us to also do this in person.

What if I don't get accepted after the interview?

If for any reason you are not accepted on to the program then your deposit will be refunded. We will also take the time to talk through your interview and may be able to recommend a more suitable program for you.

When will Camp Directors be able to see my application?

Your application will go live once you have been accepted on to the program, your sections are complete, you’ve got a green tick next to everything and you’ve paid your first instalment.