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2. You've Been to Camp with Camp Leaders Before - Application Process

If you've used Camp Leaders before and want to head back to summer camp, check out these application process FAQs.

How do I return to summer camp if I went with Camp Leaders before?

Log in to your Camp Leaders account and update your profile.

What do I need to update on my profile?

  1. Basic information
    Make sure your address, contact and emergency contact details. Please note that we will send your visa paperwork to the address on your profile. 
  2. Returnee information
    Enter your camp details, camp point of contact, your role at camp and the date that you'll be flying out. It's okay if these details change, you will be able to update this section at a later point if necessary.
  3. Previous US employer information:
    This is your previous camp and any other US employer you have ever worked for. When it comes to the name of your previous visa sponsor(s), you can find this on your expired visa page in your passport.
  4. Returner questions
    These are for visa sponsors to take note of why people go back.
  5. Background
    Updating your medical information is particularly important for insurance purposes.
  6. Work experience
    Be sure to add your previous camp job to the work experience section.
Make sure that the date on your camp contract is correct as we will order visa paperwork using these dates. 

How difficult is the returner application if I've been with Camp Leaders before?

It is really easy and quick to update your application if you have been to camp with the Leaders before.  

What if I've forgotten my Camp Leaders profile login details? 

Attempt to recover your password by entering your email address. If this does not work, contact our office and we can reset your login details.