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1. Before Your Embassy Appointment

Here is everything you need to know before attending your visa embassy appointment day.

How do I book my embassy appointment?

Do not book your embassy appointment until Camp Leaders contact you to give you the go ahead. Go to the ‘Visa’ section on your application and follow the step-by-step guidelines. Make sure you upload a screenshot of your confirmation email to your profile once you are done. (The screenshot needs to include both your barcode and the date of your appointment.)

When should I book my travel to the embassy?

Once you have uploaded the embassy appointment confirmation email to the documents section of your application and it has been verified by a member of our team, go ahead and book travel. Please don’t book your transport until this has been verified.

I can't make any of the embassy appointment dates, what should I do?

It is a visa requirement to attend an embassy appointment. Failure to do so will result in you not going on the program. Usually, embassy appointment dates are released a month at a time, more will appear once these are filled up. (This season (2021) may operate differently due to the covid pandemic. As soon as we hear information from the embassy about how the pandemic will affect their face to face appointments, we will be in touch so you have the latest information. )

How do I reschedule my embassy appointment?

If you can’t make your appointment, or if there is a problem with your booking, please log into your embassy account and click the green continue button, you’ll then be able to click ‘reschedule appointment’. If you have rescheduled your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.

Is there any express option to get my visa quicker?

Unfortunately, there is no way to speed up your visa. We suggest giving yourself as much time as possible to get your visa back in time (we understand there may be visa delays this season (2021) due to the covid pandemic and will work with yourself and camp to get you to camp as close to your arrival date as possible).

How do I check where to pick my passport up from?

You will have selected the location when booking your appointment. If you need to check the location you chose, log into your embassy account and check the delivery details.

All the DX collection points are too far from me, can I get it delivered closer?

You are able to pay for premium delivery to your home address which is £20.

Why is it called DS2019 if it is 2021?

The DS2019 is the standard name for the form. This does not change with the year.

Do I need an ESTA?

As you are working and you will be entering the US on a J-1 Cultural Exchange visa, you don’t need an ESTA. Please don’t apply for an ESTA unless you leave the States and decide to come back into the US.

How do I pay for my SEVIS fee? 

Guide to Pay your SEVIS fee