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3. After Your Embassy Appointment Day

Here is everything you need to know after you've attended your visa embassy appointment day.

Will they tell me on the day if my visa was a success?


How long will it take to get my passport back?

The US Embassy advises that it can take up to 10 working days to get your passport back. (However in some cases it can take longer, so give yourself plenty of time before you fly.)

How can I track the status of my visa?

Simply follow the link: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx 

Make sure to change your visa application type to a non-immigrant visa, and have your DS-160 number to hand.

What do I take to collect my passport?

A form of photographic I.D. 

What shall I take to collect my passport if I don't have any I.D alternatives?

You can appoint someone else the authority to collect your passport. They will need to take photo I.D with them.

Why is my visa end date when I finish camp, not 30 days after?

Your visa end date will show as the last day that you work at camp. This doesn’t mean you can’t travel, it just means can’t work from this date. Your 30 days of travel is often called a ‘grace period’. Your grace period lasts 30 days and begins from the last day of your contract.