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Vaccination FAQ's

Do Camp Leaders require vaccination?

 As cultural exchange facilitators, we do not set any health or medical requirements for our programs. However, in order to facilitate travel abroad, our participants must follow the requirements set out by the government of their destination country. We strongly encourage our participants to follow their official local country guidelines when it comes to health and medical decisions. 

Will vaccination be required to travel to the U.S.?

 Yes, based on the recent announcement from the White House, all visitors must be fully vaccinated. We are awaiting confirmation from the CDC on which vaccinations will be accepted for travel to the United States.

Can I apply to the program if I am not vaccinated?

 Yes, you may apply to the program, however, based on the most recent announcement that the U.S. will require all visitors to be fully vaccinated, you have to agree to become fully vaccinated before your travel (potentially before your visa interview as vaccination may be a requirement to attend a visa interview at a US Embassy). 

I have already been accepted into the program but I have not yet received a vaccine. Can I stay in the program or do I need to withdraw?

 You may remain on the program but if you do not already have a placement at camp we will be unable to provide you with a placement until either you can confirm you have been fully vaccinated or that you plan to become fully vaccinated prior to processing your visa paperwork. 

If you already have a placement, you will need to adhere to the requirements set out by the U.S. if you want to travel to camp. If you are unwilling or unable to get vaccinated, you may lose your placement and be unable to travel next summer.

If I already have a place at camp but I am not currently vaccinated will I lose my placement?

 We can only facilitate travel based on the entry requirements set out by the United States government. If vaccination remains a requirement and you are not vaccinated you will not be able to travel to camp. In addition, many United States employers, including summer camps, will require all employees to be vaccinated. You should find out directly from your summer employer what their expectations are if you are not yet vaccinated. 

Vaccines are not yet available to me. Can I still apply to the program or stay on the program If I have already been accepted?

 Yes, you may apply to the program, however, based on the most recent announcement that the U.S. will require all visitors to be fully vaccinated. If vaccination is not available for your age group by 1st April 2022 you can defer your application or discuss your refund options. If you have a placement and intend to be vaccinated when they become available, please inform Camp Leaders and your camp (if you are placed). 

Do I need to prove my vaccination status to apply to the program, to get accepted or just before my travel?

 We will not ask for a copy of your vaccination card, but we will collect information about your vaccination status. If you have questions about how we handle your medical data please see our privacy policy for more details. Your airline will likely check your vaccination card and possibly your negative PCR test result. Based on the recently published requirements, if you are not fully vaccinated, and able to provide a negative PCR test result, you may be denied boarding to your flight.