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After Camp Travel

Can I travel after camp?

Yes, one of the best things about working at a summer camp is that you can travel for 30 days after your camp contract ends.

How many days can I stay in the US after I finish?

You can stay in America for 30 days after your employment ends.

Can I go to Canada or Mexico when I travel?

Yes. However if you leave the US to visit one of these countries, and wish to return to the US, you will need to re-enter on an ESTA. You will also need an ETA to travel to Canada.

Do I have to pay for travel after camp?

Yes. If you choose to travel, you'll have to pay for accommodation, transport and all that American fast food goodness. We’re always happy to help suggest accommodation and great places to visit. If you go to camp with Camp Leaders you'll also be elibigle for our exclusive after camp travel perks